A sample of advanced metrics that can be deployed within your enterprise
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Knowledge Relay is the established leader in Energy industry Information Delivery (Data Migration, Metrics, Analytics, and Reports)
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The gallery of metrics, analytics, and reports shown here come from ACTUAL WORKING ENVIRONMENTS.  They are based on agreed-upon industry standards and can be customized to the specific way your place of business likes to see the data.
Please browse through the various styles presented here and see if there are several that you could put to work for you right away.  And if you don't see something you need, or would like a more complete catalog emailed to you, please contact us at (714) 761-6760.  We can generally produce any kind of report you need, with data coming from multiple systems, with historical data and counts - all automated, so you don't have to manually create and run them every day. 
Samples (A Partial Listing)
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Time-scaled Logic Diagram
Classic PERT Pure Logic Diagram
Look-ahead Gantt
Burn-down (Work-off) Curves (Including rate-of-change graphs)
Resource Histogram
Management Scorecard
Work Week and Maintenance Metrics
Exception Reports and Drill-Downs
Go/No-Go Gantt Chart
Predecessor/Successor Tabular Report
Scope Stability Report
Schedule Adherence Report
(Call us at (714) 761-6760 or email us: and we'll email you  a catalog of samples)

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