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Knowledge Relay
Most large-scale energy enterprises have a mix of critical business systems:
Oracle Primavera (P6), SAP PM/PS, Ventyx Asset Suite, IBM Maximo - even Microsoft Excel.
Knowledge Relay products, services and solutions will help you make that happen,
How much MORE VALUE could you get out of them if they were all working together?
while augmenting any functionality gaps you need to fill.
Knowledge Relay Data Integration Scheduler™ (DIS) - Data Migration Between Systems
Move data between your ERP and PM systems, like SAP and Primavera P6, cleaning it up and performing calculations on it as you go. Store historical data in Knowledge Relay's data depot, even as an extension to Oracle's Utility Data Model (OUDM). Best of all, set your data migrations up on a schedule and let them run automatically.
Knowledge Relay Information Visualizer™ (IV3) - Industry-leading Information Delivery
Information Visualizer displays reports and analytics that supplement your existing systems, helping you to meet regulatory requirements and custom business requirements. And, with IV3's Job Server, you can set up reporting and analytics packages to run on a schedule, automatically, on the server. Finally, you are freed up from generating output and can get back to your real job.
Knowledge Relay Portfolio Optimizer™ - Long-range Capital Planning at your fingertips
Read data directly from Oracle Primavera or Excel and exercise unlimited "what-if" long-range capital planning scenarios without impacting your original project. Faster and easier than other forecasting tools, you will be creating scenarios from your desktop in minutes.
Knowledge Relay Job Server™ (IV3) - Automated Delivery of Information
Of course, being able to create nearly any type of report or metric you need is a powerful concept on its own. But large organizations typically generate hundreds, perhaps thousands, of reports every day. Knowledge Relay's Job Server automates this function by processing groups of reports on a schedule.
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