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Solutions with built-in industry domain experience not only save you time and money, they help you make more informed decisions
Knowledge Relay Information Visualizer™ (IV3) - Industry-leading Reports and Analytics
Information Visualizer displays reports and analytics that supplement your existing systems, helping you to meet regulatory requirements and custom business requirements. And, with IV3's Job Server (see below), you can set up reporting and analytics packages to run on a schedule, automatically, on the server. Finally, you are freed up from generating output and can get back to your real job.
Don't settle for a purely pre-canned system that dictates to you what you need to effectively run your enterprise. Let Knowledge Relay take you on an online tour of a real customer using real reports and analytics. We'll show you our solutions in action so you don't have to guess whether we can provide what you need. (Hint: You should demand this of ANY vendor. If they can't show you, they probably can't do it.)
Knowledge Relay Job Server™ - Produce all of your analytics AUTOMATICALLY
In most organizations, there are many people involved in manually collecting data, manipulating it, and preparing reports from it.  Often, those tasked with doing so are the same people who are supposed to be spending their time planning, managing, and actually performing the work.  Why?  Because they understand the data better than anyone else.
That's where our domain expertise and automation come into play...
We work with your staff to create automated processes that migrate data from multiple systems and automatically generate reports and metrics.  The finished product is automatically posted and emails are sent to authorized recipients, with links that bring up the visuals.  All you have to do is set the schedule.
Contact us today for a live demonstration at an actual workplace:
Phone: (714) 761-6760       Email:
Contact us today for a live demonstration at an actual workplace:
Phone: (714) 761-6760
Knowledge Relay Data Integration Scheduler™ (DIS) - Move data on YOUR schedule
Moving and sharing data between systems has always been a chore - until now.  With Knowledge Relay's DIS application, you can set up even the most complex data migration (ETL) jobs to run automatically, on whatever schedule you choose.  DIS sets up all of the datasets needed to produce any kind of metric you require.  The datasets can be used by Knowledge Relay products OR any other tool you may wish to use for analytics.
Because DIS runs on a regular schedule, you can even store HISTORICAL DATA, so critical to maintaining active counts required by regulatory bodies.  When required, you can even use DIS to post approved data back to the source systems.
Don't get bogged down having to manually extract, transform, and load data. 
Contact us today for a live demonstration at an actual workplace:
Phone: (714) 761-6760       Email:
Knowledge Relay Portfolio Optimizer™ - Long Range Planning made fast and easy
Most longe range capital planning applications are cumbersome and complex, taking a long time to create planning scenarios.  Knowledge Relay's Portfolio Optimzer is a stand-alone application connected to a Primavera Database or Excel that allows a user to see multi-year allocations of funds based on real P6 project data.
Perform what-if scenarios by moving, copying, adding and deleting activities, creating relationships between them, reallocating resources, and then rescheduling the activities - all without changing your source project data. Scenarios can be saved and reloaded into Portfolio Optimizer at a later date, so you can review several scenarios and choose from the best among them - and at a fraction of the cost and time requirement of other, more cumbersome systems.
Contact us today for a demonstration:
Phone: (714) 761-6760      Email:
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Information Delivery - Automated Business Insight

Knowledge Relay products help you extract the right data from all of your decision-support systems, providing you with accurate, timely, and coordinated information.
Armed with the right data, our reporting and analytics tools help you to create visuals that supplement your existing management processes, giving you the power to display information critical to your project and business success.  And, with Knowledge Relay pre-configured reporting packages available upon installation, you are up and running in record time.
Knowledge Relay data migration and reporting tools support a wide number of metrics to assist with the operation of any asset-intensive enterprise: