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Take advantage of industry domain experience
Knowledge Relay specializes in the Energy industry. We help nuclear power plants, fossil fuel power generators, power distributors, and refineries deal with their most complex data and visualization challenges. After all, a "solution" is only a generic "suggestion" if your don't know the industry. Take a look through the categories below to see how we can help you.
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Data migration, cleansing, and integration
Customized Analytics
Get your systems talking to each other with best-in-breed" Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) services.

No one stores, manages, and uses data the same way. Knowledge Relay begins with a comprehensive analysis, a process designed to discover all of the systems and data sources you'll need to connect. The data from all relevant sources is cleansed and calculations are performed. Then, the results are posted in Knowledge Relay's Data Depot, a recognized standard for reporting and analytics in the Energy industry. We even store historical data to support running metrics.
Just when you had given up on "pre-canned" reports, thinking you couldn't get what you want, we're here to set the record straight - you can.
KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
Knowledge Relay provides one of the most powerful solutions for producing KPIs in the Energy industry. Working with government and industry professionals, we have developed a series of standard metrics that meet current standards, and we keep them up-to-date as new standards come out. But rest assured, if there is something unique you want to show, our KPI reports are fully customizable, either by you or with our assistance.

Don't be fooled by those claiming to produce KPIs for the Energy industry, only to find that you are locked into certain pre-defined formats. Ask them to show you their KPI's at working customer sites.
Classic Project Management (Gantt, PERT) Formats
No one else in the industry can help you build Gantt reports like Knowledge Relay can. Whether you are managing an STO project or just keeping the plant running on a daily basis, our Gantt reports can meet virtually every need. The Knowledge Relay Optimized Timescaled Logic diagram is practically a legend at roughly 75% of the nuclear power fleet in the U.S. Best of all, you are not locked into some pre-defined format. We can help you add in work order, clearance, permit, material, resource, and cost data, all on the same report.

And yes, we are one of the few companies that still produce pure logic (PERT) diagrams, even using the same data you use for your Gantt reports. Best of all, you can share your report formats with the entire enterprise.
Tabular Multi-format Formats
Add tabular data and graphical information to the same report to show details of project plans. We can help you set up a series of linked reports with drill-down capabilities so you can find what's impacting the schedule, causing exceptions, and driving up costs.
Automated Report Distribution
Others will claim they can "automate" report distribution but none can offer the level of automation that Knowledge Relay can. Set up your reports (all types) to run on a schedule, with a distribution list attached. At the appropriate time, the reports process server-side; no human intervention is needed. The report packages just run and those on the distribution list receive an email letting them know that their reports are posted.

While there are those that can run reports on a single server, Knowledge Relay's Job Server can run on several servers in parallel, giving you the processing power you need to produce the metrics you need, when you need them. We can help you set up your servers, create your jobs, and set them running. In fact, many of our clients find that, after an initial set-up period, their reports just show up everyday.

We can even set your reports up to appear in the Oracle P6 web environment, so all of your reports are available from a single portal.
Project Management Support and Augmentation
At Knowledge Relay, we maintain relationships with the best Energy industry Project Managers in the business so we can provide expertise on either a short-term or long-term basis. Our domain expertise allows us to match the best resource to your requirements, often on a short turn-around.
Long-Term Capital Projects
Use our tools and expertise to help you set up multiple investment scenarios, right from your P6 data or an Excel spreadsheet. We can help you create and store multiple "what-if" scenarios without impacting the original schedule. Then, when you've chosen your favored scenario, we can help you get it implemented.

Many tools and systems cost a lot of money and take a lot of time to set up and use. Not so with Knowledge Relay. We can have you installed and operational in less than an hour, with scenarios processing in minutes.
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