Systems Integration, Data Migration, and Cleansing

Get more from your data with our unique, process-driven, automated Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) services.

Advanced Reporting, Analytics and Dashboards

KPIs, regulatory reports, and more, with the power to do what others can’t… All automated from design-build to delivery.

Project Controls and Earned-Value

Align data from all your sources (internal legacy, Excel, ERP, PM and Cost systems) to produce accurate Earned Value reports/metrics.

We produce consistent, reliable, actionable results

Knowledge Relay is an industry leader in systems integration, data migration, earned value, and project management/controls. Trust our team to sync up your data sources, perform accurate calculations, and produce reports/metrics that you’ve been struggling with for a long time – all automated, on a schedule or ad-hoc.


Our Unique Tools and Methods Make the Difference.

Are your Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) tools and processes living up to their promises?

DIS™ – Data Integration Scheduler

Here are some key benefits of our DIS toolset:

  • Highly customizable, sophisticated queries, reaching across more than 400 pre-provided data connectors.
  • Java-based pre-compiled jobs for rapid execution.
  • Automated scheduling of ETL processes across multiple servers simultaneously.
  • Allowance for variables to be inserted at runtime.

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How does your organization handle Earned Value and at what cost/risk?

EVE™ – Earned Value for the Enterprise

Here are some benefits of our EVE solution:

Earned Value for the Enterprise (EVE) | Knowledge Relay

  • Combine, sync, and check data from multiple systems – automatically.
  • Reduce human error – dramatically.
  • Standardize metrics.
  • Reduce scheduler time (they should be scheduling, not spending time producing metrics).
  • Minimize the time it takes to collect EV data at the WBS (or contract line) level. It should take minutes, not days.
  • Correct inconsistencies in spreads from your PM system (like P6).
  • Preserve historical data and use it for trend analysis that may not be available in your current system.

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Are you able to produce the reports, metrics, and KPIs you need, or are you limited to what is offered in your set of tools?

IV4 – Information Visualizer™ 4.0

Extend your toolset with IV4:

  • Gantt features that others simply do not offer.
  • Time-scaled Logic Diagrams that handle thousands of records.
  • Sophisticated tabular and graphical reports/dashboards.
  • Automated production – across multiple servers simultaneously.
  • YOU control the data – feed IV4 with data from multiple systems and have it all on one report.

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Simply put, we bring more value, more quickly than even much larger organizations.

We’ll prove that we can complete the job reliably, quickly, and at a lower cost, even if that means FIXING what others have messed up.