Who We Are and What We Stand For

The Story Behind Knowledge Relay

Since 1984, Knowledge Relay has been helping large-scale EAM enterprises accelerate effective decision making through systems integration, data migration, and reporting. Our decision support systems are used worldwide by key players within Energy, Engineering and Construction, Aerospace, Defense and Government organizations.

Knowledge Relay provides solutions that help clients leverage existing technology investments, such as Oracle Primavera (P6), SAP PM, IBM Maximo, Oracle eAM, and Ventyx Passport, augmenting and supplementing as needed, to achieve maximum efficiency.

What makes Knowledge Relay a leader in Information Technology services, data, dashboards, and reports?


Our People

Our Mission

Knowledge Relay’s mission is to provide its customers with industry-leading Information Technology services and products that facilitate efficiency. We help enterprises increase the effectiveness of their information management, systems integration, data migration, product integration, and visualization processes through automation and domain expertise.

Our Values

Our values serve as a compass for our actions and describe how we behave in the world.


It doesn’t matter how big someone’s name is if they cannot consistently deliver what they agreed to do, at the price they agreed to do it, at the time they committed to deliver it.  You can rely on Knowledge Relay to keep our promises.  But don’t just take our word for it.  We can provide you with an strong list of references that will back up our claims.  We deliver excellence.


Keeping promises, even when it costs money and time.  Making sure we deliver excellence and true value.  Integrity is more than just a slogan to hang on a wall – it’s a way of life.  And while we’re always optimistic that we can do whatever is needed to help you be more successful, if we can’t do something at a cost point that works for both parties, we’ll tell you so, and even help you find a better alternative.


We are not satisfied until YOU are satisfied that you have the right answers to the right problems.  Even then, as we deep-dive into projects, we often find small errors that customers did not even realize were there.  Working together, we correct anomalies, clean and align processes and data, and keep you on the right path.  After all, if your data is wrong or it takes too long to assemble… how accurate could your answer really be?

Hard Work.

At Knowledge Relay, we “cut our teeth” in the defense and nuclear power industries.  We learned first-hand how important it is to stick with a job to its proper resolution, no matter how hard the work or difficult the challenge.  When it’s mission-critical, when a schedule has to be met, when money, or even lives, are on the line, count on us to understand what it takes to GET THE JOB DONE.

The Knowledge Relay Difference

We’re focused on large, asset-intensive industries with multiple disparate systems. We begin with a thorough business requirements analysis and implementation plan that ties business-critical systems together and generates decision support metrics that help you execute your business processes. Often, we are called in to resolve specific pain-points that others simply cannot handle.

Our domain experience helps us understand quickly what needs to be done and how to do it using industry best practices.

Simply put, we bring more value, more quickly than even much larger organizations.

We’ll prove that we can complete the job reliably, quickly, and at a lower cost, even if that means FIXING what others have messed up.