By Steven Mauss, CEO and President at Knowledge Relay, Inc.

In today’s competitive energy landscape, power utility companies are swimming in a sea of data: Customer usage patterns, performance metrics, environmental data, and more, all hold valuable insights for optimizing operations, reducing costs, ensuring grid stability, and improving customer satisfaction.

However, extracting meaningful value requires robust data analytics, ETL, and reporting capabilities—areas where relying on internal IT teams may not be the most cost-effective (or efficient) approach.

Here are seven reasons why power companies should consider leveraging industry experts like Knowledge Relay over internal IT teams for these crucial Project Control tasks:

  1. Specialization and Efficiency
    Power utility companies hire experts in generating, transmitting, and distributing electricity. While internal IT teams possess valuable technical skills, they are often stretched thin—juggling system maintenance, security updates, and day-to-day operations. Dedicating internal resources to building (and maintaining) complex data analytics processes takes away from their core focus.

    Partnering with third-party providers allows power companies to keep internal IT committed to their critical missions.

    Knowledge Relay has decades of experience working with the unique data challenges faced by utilities. We understand the intricacies of power generation and grid operations—pulling data from disparate systems, warehousing such data, standardizing it, and then leveraging it for analysis, reporting and exporting to regulatory systems. This specialized knowledge translates to more efficient data collection, transformation, and analysis, ensuring faster time-to-value while allowing internal IT teams to focus on operations.

  2. Proven Software Solutions
    Knowledge Relay brings software solutions specifically designed for the power industry. Our unique solutions separate data layers and are pre-configured to handle the complexities of utility data, including legacy and one-off systems with disparate formats. We automate much of the ETL process, reducing the need for expensive and time-consuming custom coding by internal teams.

    With our separate layers and parallel processing capabilities, Knowledge Relay not only saves time and resources over custom-built internal IT solutions, but also minimizes the risk of errors in data transformation and gaps in data warehousing—where we have proven success!

  3. Cost-Effectiveness for Great ROI
    Building and maintaining a robust internal data analytics team requires significant investments, including hiring data scientists, engineers, and analysts, acquiring hardware and software licenses, and ongoing training.

    By partnering with Knowledge Relay for data analytics, ETL, and reporting, your power company avoids these ever-increasing costs. We can unlock the true potential of your data typically at the cost of a single FTE . . . ensuring a large ROI internal teams cannot match.

  4. Faster Implementation and Time-to-Value
    Developing internal data analytics capabilities from scratch can be a lengthy process which often fails to achieve promised results. Internal IT teams have competing budgets and priorities with limited budgets, so even crucial deliverables get delayed or discarded.

    Knowledge Relay’s deep industry expertise, pre-built solutions, and established best practices can get your utility company advanced analytics much faster—allowing your Project Controls team to reap the benefits of data-driven decision making sooner than an in-house/from-scratch solution ever could.

  5. Regulatory Compliance
    Power utility companies operate under a strict regulatory framework that demands partners be well-versed in these regulations to ensure solutions comply with data security and privacy requirements.

    Knowledge Relay brings over 40 years of industry experience, plus the best practices of having supported approximately 75% of U.S. commercial nuclear power generation companies and multiple U.S. Department of Energy facilities.

  6. Expertise in Data Visualization
    Extracting insights from data is only half the battle—while IT teams might use Microsoft’s Power BI for data visualization that can be imported to Microsoft, creating clear, concise, and comprehensive dashboards requires translating complex data points from often proprietary and one-off systems into standardized and actionable information for stakeholders at all levels of the company.

    Only Knowledge Relay delivers the industry expertise, separate layers for ETL, parallel processing for reporting, and best practices for automating visualization and dashboards to ensure your Project Controls are successful!

  7. Lower Risk
    Specifically, risks of accuracy and losing key personal. For example, internal IT teams are less experienced and so will have to weather the extensive testing process that Knowledge Relay has already accomplished with multiple power company clients. And after development and testing, it often takes a year of operations before Project Controls teams are sure they got the numbers right. Which ties into the second risk: the loss of key personnel, such as a contractor or employee who quits or is promoted, leaving the custom-built internal solution unsupported. Since the internal IT solution will be a one-off, power companies won’t be able to hire just anyone to step in to support it.

    This fact alone is the reason that virtually EVERY internally-built solution fails in the end.

    Such one-off solutions cannot be realistically supported, which is why Knowledge Relay’s accumulation of best practices solutions—thoroughly tested, proven across industry leaders, and fully supported—is the lower risk approach.

In short, all power companies can unlock faster, more cost-effective decision making, improved performance, and ultimately increased efficiency and profitability with Knowledge Relay solutions!

In an industry where margins are tight and innovation a key differentiator, leveraging the technology and services of Knowledge Relay can become a competitive advantage for your power company—while allowing your IT team to stay focused on efficiency, security, and smooth operations.

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