by Lee Gliddon

As the Millennium arrived nuclear operators in the United States had an average planned plant outage time of 36 days. Every day they were not producing electricity they lost $1.5 million. Under the strain of cheap natural gas, the nuclear industry had to do better, and they did.

Plants across the United States, in an industry wide initiative, embraced the “Nuclear Promise”, which was to improve operational efficiencies while maintaining the highest safety standards. By automating and improving Engineering, Project Management, and Supply Chain Management, the industry reduced plant outage times to 29 days throughout the nation by 2010. (Nuclear Regulatory Agency)

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Knowledge Relay was proud to work directly with many of the top nuclear energy experts to understand and deliver a completely automated solution that would produce all the needed Project Management and Project Control reports and analytics. But just as important, those analytics were advanced beyond any industries’ previous measure. Nuclear operators could see accurately into the future, in new ways, and know the decisions required to hit the mark.

With 103 plants nationwide, eliminating 6 days per outage, they produced an additional $600,000,000 worth of electricity a year! At the same time, the United States Operators increased their Online status, or ‘up time’, to over 91% – leading the world. With no loss of focus on safety, and by embracing operational efficiency, automations, and improved analytics, the nuclear power industry delivered on the “Nuclear Promise”. Their success is a lesson for other industries on how to improve operations and in the process save time, money, and resources.