By Lee Gliddon

How many times has a new initiative, software, or solution been rolled out with great hopes to transform your operations and deliver success?  If you are like most businesses the answer is, “many times, and the results were poor”.  All that retraining, time lost, and staff dissatisfaction is expensive and unnecessary.

At Knowledge Relay we work the technology around the humans, not the other way around, like the Big Tech solutions demand with their solutions.  Why?  That’s how they make money.  License fees, more users, required add-ons, training, training, training, with little pay off.  Don’t be caught in the trap.

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Your most valuable resources are your staff | Knowledge RelayWhat if your staff was able to continue using the schedule, budget, resource, asset solutions they are used to, but now, you have Knowledge Relay running in the background automatically accessing their work, integrating it with other relevant solutions and producing better information for better decisions?  There would be no training down time.  There would not be single points of failure with “Subject Matter Experts” that control large parts of your information flow.  There would simply be automations running on a schedule your team determines, to pull, integrate, rule base, and display the right information for each role in the organization as needed.  At Knowledge Relay, we don’t train your staff to submit to Big Tech solutions. We allow them to use whatever platforms they are most comfortable with.

Your most valuable resources are your staff.  In today’s market, where it’s hard to find the right people, don’t put your organization in a bad place.  Allow your staff’s competence in the solutions they employ to stay intact and let them do what they do best.  Why are they responsible for data, reports, dashboards, analytics that should all be automated in today’s world?  Save your staff, save your time, and save your money while enjoying the best-in-class data and visualization solutions available.  That’s what Knowledge Relay delivers as we automate your success.