Professionals in enterprise organizations that embrace Specific Solution Providers (SSP) are realizing promotions and driving results.

Knowledge Relay has been delivering our advanced data and visualization solution for over a decade.  Automating and integrating complex disparate data sources is all we do.  We have enjoyed watching those that brought our solution to their organizations receive promotions and other career advancements.  Knowledge Relay is just one example of an SSP.  When it comes to things like creating information repositories, providing cloud services, and delivering process automation, there are many SSP’s that focus only on those deliverables.  They are where the big wins can be found in a decision maker’s career.

Program Manager to Site Manager:  After Knowledge Relay completed an entire conversion of project data for the DOE’s Waste Treatment Plant (WTP) in Hanford, Washington, the Program Manager who decided we were the right SSP won an award for the “Best Project of the Year” and was promoted in the organization.

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​Technology Lead to Director of Technology:  Knowledge Relay spearheaded a complete conversion for one of the largest commercial nuclear operators in the United States after large primes had spectacularly failed only a few years earlier on a similar project.  With the failure, many lost their jobs.  The Technology Lead did her research, learned about the Knowledge Relay solution and invited us to advise on how to do it right.  Soon, we were working on the project and completed it ahead of schedule and under budget.  The Technology Lead that chose us in is now the Director of Technology.  Three of the people working on the project were immediately promoted upon the project’s completion, as well as their boss, who went from CIO of Nuclear to CIO Corporate-wide.

Results matter!  Those receiving promotions have realized that finding the right SSP, with staff that solely works on the complex solutions targeted, is the most proficient and can deliver success, because that’s all they do.  The days of hiring a large prime and thinking that is the safe career move have passed.  The professionals that do the research and find the right team are the ones moving up.  Depending on a multi-billion-dollar company that decides for you what resources are on the team, no longer cuts it.  Engaging a focused SSP means you start and finish with the “A Team” and enjoy success.

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