Sample Reports Gallery

Get the power, flexibility, and AUTOMATION you need with Knowledge Relay reports and metrics. Click on the images below to see them in enlarged hi-res format.

Time-scaled Logic

Scope Stability #1

Scope Stability #2

Schedule Adherence

Schedule Adherence Drill Down #1

Schedule Adherence Drill Down #2

Resource Usage #1

Resource Usage #2

Outage Timeline Summary

Management Scorecard #1

Management Scorecard #2

Daily Performance

EVE Schedule Performance Plot

EVE Cost Performance Chart


Work Down Curve

Burn Down Curve

Automated delivery of the information you need most

Our software tools extend your existing display capabilities so you can finally see what is really going on… and take ACTION. Then, use our patent-pending Job Server to combine report packages together and run them AUTOMATICALLY in the background, delivering them to just the people and portals you define.