Exelon Nuclear, with 13 plants and over 20 reactors, is the largest nuclear operator in North America as the result of multiple acquisitions.  Four entities, with different cultures, different data sources, and different processes were joined to create today’s Exelon Nuclear that has a single mission of delivering power efficiently.  Knowledge Relay’s Information Visualizer 3 helped Exelon realize that mission.

Early Adoption State

Nuclear Fleet Automation and Standardization Early Adoption State 

Exelon Nuclear (Midwest) – Artemis Project View, Passport
Exelon Nuclear (Mid Atlantic) – P6.7, PIMS, eSOMS
Constellation Energy – P6.9, Maximo
Entergy – P6.0, Passport

Current State

Nuclear Fleet Automation and Standardization Current State

P6, Passport, eSOMS
P6, Passport, eSOMS
P6, Maximo
P6, Passport

With the acquisition of new plants, Exelon Nuclear faced enormous challenges:

  • Converting and migrating to the same software applications across the fleet
  • Processing massive amounts of data from diverse sources in a changing environment
  • Standardizing the user experience to achieve one version of the truth, an accurate version

Knowledge Relay delivered the solution to Exelon that hit the mark.  Information Visualizer 3 employed with the Data Depot concept allowed for thousands of reports, KPIs, and analytics to be delivered at every plant under the same format and provided management with an overall view of the entire operation.  Areas of opportunity were exposed along with bottlenecks and pitfalls.  Exelon Nuclear became not only the largest Nuclear Operator, but the “best practices” leader with the most efficient operations.

Knowledge Relay automated the entire process.  Data pulls from each data source at every plant are brought into Data Depot, where custom rules, integrations, and cleansing are automatically performed.  The data is then populated into advanced templates that are standardized across the fleet and delivered to groups and individuals as needed on a schedule determined by the Exelon staff.

“With Knowledge Relay, I can walk into any plant throughout our fleet and within ½ hour have all of the advanced metrics needed” – Exelon Manager

The Knowledge Relay solution allowed software migrations to be advanced throughout the fleet without the consumers of information ever knowing a change occurred.

Exelon Nuclear concentrates on providing zero emission nuclear energy and leaves the automated data and information delivery of advanced metrics to Knowledge Relay.  That’s how they remain the industry leader in efficient plant operations.  It is a direct result of strong management and incredible teamwork – with both employees and vendors.

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