EVE™ – Earned Value for the Enterprise

Unleashed. Unshackled. Unlimited.

With EVE from Knowledge Relay, you can finally implement an Earned Value methodology without pulling your hair out. EVE runs automatically on a schedule (or ad hoc) to gather, cleanse, calculate, and post all the right data points. Then, use your favorite dashboarding tool to display rich graphics and tables, or use your favorite reporting tool (like IV4 from Knowledge Relay) to automatically create and distribute the information you used to work so hard to get.

EVE™ – Earned Value for the Enterprise | Knowledge Relay

Highly configurable.

End-user simplified.

Completely Automated.

EVE by Knowledge Relay ups your Earned Value game by allowing you to connect to a variety of diverse systems to produce the metrics you need. With EVE, you can be confident that your project costs are aligned with your cost-control systems, and both are aligned with your ERP system.


Combine, sync, and check data from multiple systems.

Reduce Errors

Minimize the possibility of human errors.


Gather data from many sources into one, easy to view solution.


Schedulers shouldn’t be spending time producing metrics.

Save Time

Collecting EV data should take minutes, not days.

Maintain Consistency

Correct inconsistencies in spreads from your PM system (like P6).

Data Backup

Preserve and use historical data for trend analysis.


Insert data into your favorite dashboarding tool to share rich graphics and tables.

Combine schedule and cost data from a variety of systems to produce the reports, metrics, and KPIs you need.

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