Project Management Support

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Each project is different, and each project management environment operates differently. This is especially true for short-term projects where your team has to come up to speed quickly. So hire the domain experts who have the best approach to getting your project moving.

  • Perform a business analysis and project assessment.
  • Determine the appropriate resources and help you bring them on board.
  • Provide full service training for project managers, schedulers, report writers, and other staffers.
Hire the domain experts who have the best approach to getting your project moving | Knowledge Relay

Here are some of the things we look at:  Is there…

  • Effective communication channels amongst participants?
  • Clear sponsorship and stakeholder identification?
  • Best use of existing personnel?
  • Proper budgeting and forecasting, including the implementation of Earned Value methods?
  • Domain-specific reporting, dashboarding, and KPI distribution?
  • Effective project documentation and auditing?

Effective project management is far more than just a software package. Our team conducts a review of every aspect of your project management environment, evaluating everything from hardware configuration to database management methodologies. We evaluate your team’s makeup to make sure the right people are in place. Then, we make recommendations to help you leap forward.

Are you prepared for project success?

Start with the right team and rest assured

Let us assemble the experts.  We can provide the entire team, or augment what you have, bring along our tools, methods, and training that will give you the best possible chance at success.